Heads Up

Hello my faithful followers. Things are going to be up in the air the next few days. I just started a new job and my girlfriend will be visiting the next two days. Never fear , I will be posting again soon.

In the mean time I recommend that yall head on over to Jamendo.com Its a website where up and coming artists upload there music in the hopes of gaining a following. You can listen to music and even download it legally and free. At first i was hesitant when i heard about it my self but a lot of the music ive listened to on there has been pretty good.

Until next time.

About Michael Barnett

I’ll say it up front: I’m probably the most eccentric person you will ever meet. Currently, I’m a student at UCONN double majoring in geology and creative writing. I love long distance biking. Oh yeah and I collect hobbies like your average ten year old collects trading cards. Let me see if i can say this all in one breath. ready, set, go. I write novels, I’m a self taught bladesmith (blacksmith that specializes in making knives and swords), I brew alcohol (but don’t drink it), I fish, I hunt, I’m long distance biker, I quad, I hike, and I will be learning the martial arts of krav maga and kendo starting in a few months. Whew! That about sums it up i think. Interested in what i do? Follow the blog!
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