Tech Issues

Technology tends to be a fickle beast. It seems to me that it waits until the most inconvenient time as possible to break down. If it happens to be a convenient time trust me it will work fine. It knows and colaborates with murphys law. The result is that everythong that can go wrong will go wrong at the time when it will rub your fur the wrong way the most.

I bring this up because it is why I am furiously typing away on my phone with my thumbs (looking forward to carpel tunnel) to bring you todays post. My internet is down. This means that I will unfortunatly not be able to bring you an entertaining post on a bladesmithing project or even my rewritten prologue. With any luck things will be back up and running soon. When it is I might have something special for you on brewing.

About Michael Barnett

I’ll say it up front: I’m probably the most eccentric person you will ever meet. Currently, I’m a student at UCONN double majoring in geology and creative writing. I love long distance biking. Oh yeah and I collect hobbies like your average ten year old collects trading cards. Let me see if i can say this all in one breath. ready, set, go. I write novels, I’m a self taught bladesmith (blacksmith that specializes in making knives and swords), I brew alcohol (but don’t drink it), I fish, I hunt, I’m long distance biker, I quad, I hike, and I will be learning the martial arts of krav maga and kendo starting in a few months. Whew! That about sums it up i think. Interested in what i do? Follow the blog!
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1 Response to Tech Issues

  1. textwanderer says:

    It is interesting and rather sad that as we become more and more addicted to our personal pieces of technology, a small malfunction can completely throw our lives and plans out of whack.

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