Horseshoe knife

One of the things i do for fun while bladesmithing is make horse shoe knives. Since they are made from mild steel (isnt good for holding an edge under a bunch of use) they tend to be ornamental. This one here is a little skinning knife i made for a fellow blacksmith out in California. Little inch and a quarter blade with curved tip, perfect for slicing with wrist motions while peeling back a hide. Left a forge finish and a section of silver birch for a display stand. Made this one about a year and a half ago now.

About Michael Barnett

I’ll say it up front: I’m probably the most eccentric person you will ever meet. Currently, I’m a student at UCONN double majoring in geology and creative writing. I love long distance biking. Oh yeah and I collect hobbies like your average ten year old collects trading cards. Let me see if i can say this all in one breath. ready, set, go. I write novels, I’m a self taught bladesmith (blacksmith that specializes in making knives and swords), I brew alcohol (but don’t drink it), I fish, I hunt, I’m long distance biker, I quad, I hike, and I will be learning the martial arts of krav maga and kendo starting in a few months. Whew! That about sums it up i think. Interested in what i do? Follow the blog!
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4 Responses to Horseshoe knife

  1. textwanderer says:

    This isn’t one of your really pretty horseshoe knives… share your pretty ones please. ^_^

    Do you think I could learn how to make a horseshoe knife?

  2. Know you like bladesmithing, but have you tried blacksmithing a horseshoe into a decorative hoof pick with a horse head on the other end?
    Comes out an interesting hoof pick that people will buy for gifts. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of one, as I gave away the one I bought.
    Like your blades.

    • hmm. havnt tried that yet but it sounds interesting enough. Thanks for the idea. I’ll definitely look into it. There are a few logistical issues such as the dimensions of my new propane forge ill have to take into account. I might just use a torch to heat up the middle of the shoe and straighten it out so it will fit in the forge. Thank you for the compliment on my knives too. I will be posting more as time goes on and eventually get some swords up for you guys. I just finished one with a hawaiian koa handle, very sweet.

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